A warm Welcome to WalRights Mediation GbR


In difficult times like we have today, it is extremely important than ever before to help each other . It is also the time to resolve and eliminate conflicts before they cause irreparable damage. Mediation can help to clarify the interests and needs so that parties move closer together.

Everyone has the right to be treated equally, no matter what religion, nationality, ethnic group, etc. a person belongs to - but also no matter what opinion or belief a person has. This also means that if someone has a problem or conflict, everyone has the right to get support to resolve the issues.

This is the reason why WalRights-Mediation was set up to find online solutions together. To resolve conflicts for all, despite differences in individual beliefs and opinions.

On the following pages you can find out more information about WalRights-Mediation as well as the WalRights®️initiative.

Please feel free to send any questions and inquiries you may have about WalRights-Mediation. You can do this by contacting us via the contact form.

If you are interested to see what other projects WalRights is working on; a website is being worked at.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the contact form.