WalRights-Mediation Network



The vision of WalRights-Mediation Network (WRMN) is a network working towards human rights based mediation.

The three pillars of the network are:

  • academic: Researching mediation and the impact it has on human rights, as one area of interest. 
  • mediation in practice: implementing human rights into mediation so that the mediation principles are being adapted towards a human rights based approach. - e.g. at divorce mediation with children involved, making sure that their words are heard regardless of their age.
  • Mediation as a human rights profession: It took a long time for social work to be seen as a human rights profession.  The link between social work and mediation are the people involved. There is no mediation without people.

And there is no working with people without the respect for human rights!


If you have any further questions about the idea of the network or you'd be interested in supporting us please feel free to contact us via the contact form.