Business Mediation

Every company, organisation, or other work areas are confronted with disagreements, contractual breaches, misunderstandings, etc., in which more or less money is involved. Every conflict is also an individual conflict, because every single person is unique within the world of work. For this reason, every conflict in the working world is fundamentally different from other cases.

There are different areas of business mediation:

  • Between companies (e.g. payment, service, contract)
  • In companies (e.g. company succession, in teams, chief employees)
  • Authorities (e.g. financial administration)
  • Institutions (e.g. research institutes, advice centres - social workers, debtors, etc.)


There are different advantages in mediation in the business world, which have a special position compared to other methods or procedures:


The clients are treated equally in the context of mediation, in that each client is given the opportunity to express himself without having to fear further consequences. This way you meet at eye level.

Mediation not only looks at the factual level, but also looks at the interests and needs, which can be used to address fears.

Mediation can also be used to address personal conflicts that may not be dealt with by other procedures.

The aim of mediation in business is either to re-establish or maintain the working relationship or to negotiate the conditions of a separation fairly.