WalRights and Mediation

Mediation is a form of human rights – this is my view. It is important that all clients are always treated "equally" and "respected" as individuals. This should always be the case in mediation, however, I want to put a stronger focus on the human rights of the individual in general. 

Furthermore, when looking at mediation cases human rights violations can play a vital part within the dispute. 

Examples of these human rights involved disputes are: 

  • conflicts at work 
  • exclusion of children from school
  • Not letting the child speak up within divorce mediation only because they are not above 16 years or 

"Mediation is a human rights profession, just like social work,  and must therefore be viewed as such. This means that every single person, regardless of the type of mediation, must be regarded as a 'human rights subject'. Furthermore, it is also crucial when talking about human rights and mediation, not to exclude people and not to refuse mediation for individual people. Instead, to focus on finding a basis within mediation so that we can work together. "

 If you have further questions regarding  "WalRights® and mediation", please feel free to contact us.