Mediation in educational setting


Mediation is of great importance as a support for controversial educational issues. This encompasses all areas of education from kindergarten to university. It includes all persons who could benefit from mediation from an educational angle such as teachers, parents and students of all ages.


Areas of mediation in educational settings:

  • Kindergarten
  • Schools
  • Universities/colleges
  • Apprenticeships (Germany: dual apprenticeships)
  • Further education


Mediation is always conducted in a way suitable to the situation at hand, great care is taken to adapt to the age and needs of the clients. Furthermore, when talking about mediation within educational settings, the mediation may evolve into a family mediation if this is found to be necessary.


Some of the possible conflict situations within educational settings:

  • Mobbing
  • Child-teacher conflicts
  • Parents-school
  • Teacher-teacher
  • Pupil-employer (in apprenticeships)


Mediation can also be used to guide or give structure to discussions between parents and the school or any other difficult situations within educational institutions.


Workshops: In kindergarten - but also schools - workshops can help children learn to formulate their needs and wishes and learn how to articulate their opinions towards their peers. Furthermore, mediation workshops can help children learn what is important to them and give them meaningful tools of how to react in dispute circumstances.

Opinions – and being able to form your own opinions –these are indispensable soft skills, especially in democratic education.