Mediation in intercultural context

Everyone is unique!

Accordingly, mediation in an intercultural context is also linked to understanding the individual person.

The complexity of the conflicts in the intercultural context refers to the fact that every person may have a different understanding of the situation. Various factors play a significant role in this.

Areas of mediation in intercultural context:

  • Refugees/former refugees
  • Migrants
  • International couples or partnerships (cross-cultural)


Some of the possible conflict situations within an intercultural context:

  • Between refugees
  • Between refugees and staff members/camps
  • Between refugees and the neighbourhood
  • Understanding cultural differences within marriages or partnerships
  • Political discussions


When talking about refugees, problems may occur if traumatic experiences surface. This could be the case if the issues at hand have their roots in the past. Here it may be necessary to involve a trauma councillor.


Workshop: In workshops mediation can overcome prejudices, which others may have against refugees.